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Online and Offline Conversation Analytics

Since there is a gap between offline and online analytics tools, data can easily be lost once a customer switches from online to offline. Call tracking ensures that analytical data is kept intact for future reference.

How Call Tracking Works

Our phone tracking platform assigns a different phone number on each marketing campaign either offline or online. When a customer dials any of them, the call is forwarded to your business’s primary phone number, but your call agents receive it as if the call was made directly. At the end of a given period, you can compare phone traffic generated by each phone number and know which campaign strategy is most viable and efficient.

Other important services you will receive from us when you use call tracking include call recording, instant email notifications, as well as Google Analytics and AdWords integration. 

Our call tracking service is reliable, offers value to your business, provides depth of inventory such as toll-free tracking numbers and choosing particular area code numbers, is highly responsive, and you receive documentation regarding the tracking system.

    Call Tracking For All Your Ad Campaigns

    Measure phone call conversions all your digital, search and offline ad campaigns, including print ads and PPC keywords, to find out which marketing campaigns are most effective.

    In-depth Analysis

    Which ad led to the call? What keywords did the caller use to find your page? How long did they view your site? Find out all this and much more.

    Real-Time Reporting

    Know exactly what is working with real-time reporting which perfectly tracks and associates all inbound and outbound calls to the correct ad channel.

    Multiple Account Management

    Manage multiple companies, locations, or clients from one account to make more informed marketing decisions more efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Get up and Running in No Time

    All you need to do to is to embed a single snippet of code on your website, which will automatically show the right tracking number to each visitor.

    Stay Informed Every Step of the Way

    We deliver instant email notifications complete with valuable information about each call to ensure that you never miss a lead again and your customers get instant service.