Pay Per Click Marketing

Ppc &Bull; Monster WebsitesAdWords offers a quick way of positioning yourself in front of other similar businesses. Unlike SEO which is quite powerful but takes longer, with AdWords, you begin experiencing the results immediately. This strategy is incomparable to any other when it comes to generating quick sales leads and noticeability. PPC allows you to build your brand at a cost you get to decide yourself.

With PPC, you may easily target well-rewarding keywords that would otherwise be difficult to rank organically. Whether the strategy is to grow your online sales, have new customers, maintain returning customers, or keep the phones ringing, AdWords offer you an advertisement platform in your locale and across the globe.

You can target customers in specific regions, countries, or within specific distances where your business is located. The additional display information includes phone number and other business information that is incorporated at no extra cost.

At Monster Media Digital Marketing Agency, we provide customized PPC and AdWords remarketing services that will fit your budget. Our latest AdWords Pro management service covers your AdWords account opening and ad copywriting. We also provide a proper reporting process that will gauge the success rate of your marketing campaign and aid in calculating ROI.

Keyword &Bull; Monster Websites
Just like your SEO, the right keywords will produce the best returns in your PPC ads. We’ll take the time to connect your company to the keywords that bring more customers right to your doorstep.
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We’ll create ads that not only get noticed, but also motivate your target audience to immediately click through.
Local 1 &Bull; Monster Websites
We can also provide smaller-scale PPC campaigns for much more limited geographic areas such as towns, cities, and even neighborhoods. These can be done as another method to develop a much better understanding of your best possible leads.
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If you need it, we can also create a specialized Landing Page which is designed for your PPC traffic. You may have a specific offer or incentive you’re promoting, and our talented web designers and copywriters will bring you the content to transform your leads into customers.
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Our team can launch a series of ads with different offers or keywords to split test for results. These lower-priced PPC campaigns can help you gauge the market, identify your best targets, and then really make a push to reach them.
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If you want to see how your investment is performing, we want you to be a part of the marketing process! We’ll provide you with detailed analytics through all the advertising channels and summarize how each option is doing. From there, we’re happy to make adjustments to maximize your ROI.

1. How Does my Ad Budget Work?

    1. When it comes to your ad budget, there are several factors to consider such as your industry, timeline, and goals. Once you settle on the details of your campaign, your AdWords payment will go to Google instead of being invoiced by Monster.

       The amount you spend on your ad budget is up to you. You can start off with a small amount with AdWords Express, however, we recommend at least $1,000 per month for the Pro option.


    2. How Can I Keep Track Of the Campaign?

      1. At the end of each month, we’ll send you a comprehensive report about your campaign. You can also access this information by logging into your Google Analytics and Google AdWords account.


      3. Are Landing Pages Included?

        1.  Usually, landing pages aren’t a feature of this service. However, if we feel that its beneficial, we’ll be more than happy to create them. It’s important to note that Google forbids landing pages on the AdWords Express platform. As a result, this feature is only available for AdWords Pro packages.


        4. Can You Guarantee Leads?

          1. We know how important leads are to your campaign and as much as we would like to guarantee them, we can’t. The reason being is that there are many variables in a single campaign. Overall, our goal is to drive traffic to your website to give your online presence a boost. From there, we can gauge your campaign’s performance based on how much time is spent on getting a new lead.


          5. Why the Three Month Commitment?

            1.  Your AdWords campaign is like building a house—it takes time. A three month campaign will give us the amount of data we need to analyze and adjust the ROI interface.