Monster Websites – World Class WordPress Support, Security and Speed!

Monster’s world-class infrastructure is built to scale no matter how much traffic your site receives. Our cloud-based platform serves millions of pageviews per month, using the latest technologies for speed and reliability to make sure your website is constantly available and delivered to your visitors – fast.

The Best Support Team Around

Our team of WordPress support experts is always here to help you. We can respond to your tickets within 10 minutes – and with our deep technical knowledge, we’ve got the best customer satisfaction rates around!

High-Speed Hosting

Your pages have never loaded more quickly. Our servers are built on the very latest SSD-based hardware. Using a proprietary NGNIX caching tool, SuperCacher, we can dramatically increase the speed and responsiveness of your WordPress site.

Not only that, we offer a CDN network to deliver faster page loading times to customers all over the world – and our hosting servers support advanced technology like PHP7 and HTTP/2.

Unbreakable Security

A breach of your data can be extremely expensive and difficult to deal with. That’s why our team of security experts proactively monitor the web for WordPress vulnerabilities – and protect our users with custom WAF rules, maintenance, and regular patching of known security issues.

In addition, we can automatically update WordPress and all of your third-party plugins – and with daily mirrored backups of your hosting account, your data will always be safe, even in case of a crisis.

Custom-Tailored Solutions For 99.99% Uptime – Guaranteed!

Your uptime is our #1 priority. With the latest in web security technology, high-quality server architecture, and reliable support services, Monster Websites offers the best uptimes available. With our Service Level Agreement (SLA), you’ll receive a server with 99.99% uptime – guaranteed.

Elastic, Stable LXC Technology

Our WordPress hosting web servers are built using top-of-the-line Linux Container (LXC) technology. LXC is stable, resource-efficient, and elastic. With the ability to stand up to unexpected traffic spikes and jumps, LXC provides a stable, reliable hosting platform for your website.

Proactive Server Monitoring Services

We understand how costly unexpected downtime can be for your business. That’s why we offer server monitoring services for all websites hosted on our website. Using proprietary server monitoring systems, our DevOps team can check server status regularly.

With this information, our team of support specialists can spot current issues and fix them immediately – and even take action to prevent upcoming problems that other monitoring services may not miss.

All this adds up to a more reliable, efficient server – and the highest server uptime in the business!

Custom-Built Backup Systems

We have high standards for backup systems – which is why we use custom-built backups. Our unique system allows us to create backups using minimal site resources, and streamline the data restoration process in case of data loss, hacking, or any other issue. With excellent reliability and a minimal day-to-day impact, your data is always secure with WordPress management from Monster Websites.

Anti-Botnet Defense Systems

Brute-force attacks by botnets are still one of the most common ways that hackers gain access to information. Monster Websites utilizes an effective Artificial Intelligence algorithm that utilizes Machine Learning to identify and stop botnet attacks – before they can reach the sites of our customers.

Our tools are capable of defeating more than 2 million brute-force attempts per hour – saving resources, and preventing unauthorized access to your WordPress hosting servers.

Full Isolated, Siloed Accounts And Data

Using efficient CHROOT-based account isolation, Monster Websites can provide total data and user isolation on our web servers. Your data is completely secure from intrusion from hackers, and no other users of our WordPress hosting services can access your protected, encrypted data.

This account isolation technology also helps protect against hackers. Even if a malicious attacker gains access to one server, they will be unable to breach our siloed accounts and data.

We’re Passionate About Speed

We understand the importance of speed on the web. A fast website can boost your page views dramatically, and help you gain more customers. That’s why we stay on the cutting edge of network architecture, server hardware, and advanced software-based speed technologies.

If there’s any technology in use that can help speed up your website, we’ll be on the bleeding edge of adopting it – that’s a guarantee.

SSD-Based Hardware For All WordPress Hosting Plans

You don’t have to choose between cost-effectiveness and performance. All of our users benefit from SSD drives – regardless of the hosting plan you choose, you’ll benefit from advanced Linux servers using SSD technology.

This technology can boost read/write speed by up to 1000x compared to traditional HDDs – boosting your website’s performance dramatically. With the perfect blend of affordability and speed, Monster Websites is the #1 choice for WordPress management.

NGINX Server Caching Technology

NGINX is an open-source server built with the latest server caching technology. Using NGINX, Monster Websites can speed up the hosting of static content, and provide faster loading times for all websites that we host and manage.

SuperCacher – The Best Speeds For WordPress!

We use SuperCacher by SiteGround for all of our WordPress hosting solutions. Based on an NGINX reverse proxy, this advanced caching mechanism can streamline the loading of dynamic content. Together with our NGINX server technology, this helps you serve your users with faster loading times, and a better overall browsing experience.

In addition, SuperCacher aids in website speed optimization by using memcached WordPress data, as well as Google PageSpeed tools.

CloudFlare CDN Available

If you have an international audience, you need a reliable CDN. Our Cloudflare-based CDN helps your website load faster by caching site data and content over multiple, global data centers. When visitors from other countries access your website, your content is delivered from the closest data center. This helps global users get consistent and speedy page loading times.

Servers With HTTP/2 Technology

HTTP/2 is a major revision of the original HTTP protocol. At Monster Websites, we use HTTP/2 technology to speed up loading times on all of our WordPress servers. Our HTTP/2 sites also require encrypted connections, so we provide our users with free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt – allowing all of our users to take advantage of HTTP/2 technology!

HHVM and PHP7 Technology

Using the latest PHP7 technology and advanced HHVM PHP servers, Monster Websites can help make your website faster and more reliable. Whenever a new PHP technology is available to our users, we’ll implement it. The speed and performance of your WordPress website is our number one priority – so you can count on us to deliver the service you need, to succeed!

The Best Global Data Centers – Monster Websites

Using nearly a half-dozen data centers distributed across the world, Monster Websites can always offer incredible loading times – no matter where your users may be.

Secure, Reliable Data Centers

High-Availability Network Architecture

Our partnered data centers utilize multiple high-capacity networks from major carriers. This guarantees the best possible speeds for our customers, and reduces the risk of network downtime.

Redundant, Protected Electrical Systems

Using the latest in Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) technologies, redundant generators, and advanced PDUs, our partner data centers protect your data from any potential electrical outages or power surges.

Unparalleled Physical Security

With strict identity-based access control, 24×7 security patrols, video surveillance, and biometric technology, our partner data centers are secure from physical intrusion – keeping your data safe.

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