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What Are Managed SEO Services?

 We’re proud to offer the best fully-managed SEO services in the business. When you choose us as your SEO partner, we can get you targeted traffic that will convert into sales – customized for your business!

We’ve had nearly a decade in the SEO business – so we know data. After working on thousands of SEO campaigns, we know what works and what doesn’t.

 That’s why you can trust us to deliver expert, data-based SEO services. With our fully managed solutions, you get a strong SEO strategy developed by expert strategists, an expert perspective on your site’s SEO profile, premium content, white-hat link building, and so much more! Read on, and learn more!

 Our Two-Pronged SEO Strategy

 Our advanced SEO strategies allow you to maximize your current rankings. There are two primary components to our unique SEO strategy.

 1. Maximize Current Rankings – Chances are, your business is already ranking for some highly-competitive keywords. Our team will identify these keywords – from positions 4-30 – and use a powerful SEO and linkbuilding strategy to increase your prominence for your highly-ranked SEO keywords.

 2. Research The Competition – We use a CGA (Content Gap Analysis) strategy to identify long-tail keywords that are extremely valuable, but have low levels of competition. Then, we can write custom-built, value-added content with our blogging services – helping you target these high-ROI keywords, and outpace the competition.

 By using keywords you’re already ranking highly for, as well as a variety of additional unique and highly-valuable SEO terms, we can turbocharge your SEO strategy!


After publishing content on your website, the next stage is SEO. This is a broad and complex area that sometimes proves challenging to many businesses. However, it is the most crucial part of internet marketing. As such, you need to consider SEO for your blog or website if you need an audience to interact with you.

Your Website Dictates the Success of Your Business

Emphatically, your website is the lifeblood of your company. Accordingly, it is imperative to build a site that speaks to your customer but structured for search engines. The rules of the game change occasionally and most people are always busy and do not keep up with changes from Google’s algorithms.

Pass your SEO needs to us

Our vast knowledge of SEO and online marketing provides us with an edge in the industry. We can employ our experience in the business to maximize traffic to your website using white hat techniques. Ultimately, our SEO efforts will successfully be converted to leads. Notably, we do not execute our SEO strategies blindly but use metrics to benchmark and track our progress as we kick-start the program.

SEO Consultants

Our SEO consultancy service offers research analysis and recommendations to all websites. However, this service is most recommended for sites that have difficulty with search engine visibility.

Keyword Research

In the search engine optimization world, there are broad keywords that attract internet browsers, and there are money keywords that attract buyers. Keyword optimization goes beyond finding high volume keywords and using them on your website. It needs a proper balance of critical thinking and creativity. We use a robust methodology that is based on intent which will help you rank with ease. Partner with us and use one of the industry’s best-proven methodologies.

Quality Link Building

We offer you high-powered, white hat link building services to enhance your domain authority and improve organic traffic volumes. Do not risk performing scalable link building campaigns as they no longer work and can result in penalties from Google. You get to access our Link Development Analysts who have deep relationships with webmasters and websites that will build your citation profile.

Access smart SEO services from us and receive a posthaste ROI. Although it needs patience, in the long run, you will appreciate our multi-disciplinary approach to SEO.

You Get It All – Comprehensive, Custom-Tailored SEO Services


We pride ourselves on never compromising on the quality of our services. When you choose us as your managed SEO partner, you’ll get the very best products and services available, including:


  • Dedicated Campaign Manager – Throughout your entire SEO optimization process, you’ll have a single point-of-contact within our team, who is totally dedicated to your success. We’re always willing to answer questions and address any concerns you may have about the process.
  • Backlinking Services – We provide no-additional-cost backlinking services for every SEO project we manage. With our powerful backlinking services, you’re sure to benefit from a powerful SEO boost!
  • Totally Reseller Friendly – We love working with vendors and resellers. Are you a web designer looking for help with SEO on a client’s new site? Give us a budget and let us know what you need. We can design an SEO package just for your needs – and it’s sure to impress your clients!
  • Customized SEO Strategies – Your business is unique – so why turn to an SEO service that’s going to give you the same, cookie-cutter advice? We’re focused on customizing each and every one of our campaigns for your needs. We leave no stone unturned while we research, plan, customize, and optimize your website.

Our Process

 Interested in our services? Our 3-step process makes it super easy to get started with our managed SEO services!

 Step 1 – Get In Touch And Join Our Platform

 We don’t need much to get started. Just give us a few details about your business, what you do, the state of your website, and your top competitors in your area. Not sure where to start? Not a problem! We can walk you through the process when you get in touch with us, and gather the information we need together!

Step 2 Comprehensive Campaign Design

 First, you’ll get a dedicated campaign manager. Throughout the entire process, they will be your single point-of-contact, allowing you to easily communicate with our team. Next, we’ll perform a deep analysis of your website, investigate the competition, and perform some advanced keyword research.

After we’ve determined the best approach for your website, we’ll share our strategy with you. If you give the go-ahead, we’ll get started – but if you want any changes made, we’d be happy to take your input into account.

 Step 3 – Implementation, Reporting, And Follow-Ups

 We believe in transparency and openness. When you pay for our managed SEO services, you deserve to be involved in the process. Our campaign manager will review your progress every month, and you’ll also receive regular reports about what we’ve been doing for your website.


How Many Links Do You Build?


We don’t like to track our linkbuilding services by numbers. We focus on providing you with a smaller number of truly valuable links – rather than thousands of spammy, useless links, which could result in SEO penalization. This helps you target more valuable traffic, and improve lead generation.


Why Do I Have To Sign A 3-Month Contract?


SEO campaigns take time. Seeing the impact of an SEO campaign can take weeks – or even  months. Our 3-month commitment guarantees that we have enough time to make a difference in your SEO rankings – even if it takes a bit of time.


Can You Guarantee Top 10 Search Results


We can’t guarantee that you’ll rank in the top 10 – or at #1 – for any particular keyword. We don’t focus on ranking you for a single keyword. Instead, our approach focuses on ranking highly for multiple keywords to elevate search visibility – and drive more organic traffic to your site. After all, traffic is what generates leads!


Can You Guarantee Improved Lead Generation?

Again, there are too many variables to provide you with a guarantee about how many leads you’ll receive. However, our goal is always to drive high-quality, qualified web traffic to your site – and this will almost always result in an increase in leads.


Monster X 2000

  • Advanced Strategy

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Gap Analysis
  • High Quality, Diverse Link Building
  • High-Quality Blog Content
  • Flexibility

  • 100% Customized Strategy For Your Site
  • All The Bells & Whistles

  • Boost For All Link Building
  • Hands-Free Process
  • $1500 Worth of Deliverables
  • (Link Building + Content)

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