Owning a website is important for your business to grow. That’s an obvious statement, but it’s essential to understand just how much a website can do for you.

If you don’t have a place on the web for your business to interact with your customers on, you are definitely missing out on potential revenue. In fact, more people, approx 43%, are using the Internet as a source of information over television.

With more and more people on the Internet every day, you should constantly update your website design to compete with similar businesses to yours. However, what if your current website layout lacks the right elements to draw in more attention?

Within this article, you will find 8 signs that you’re running an outdated website, and how you can easily make the right changes to improve the quality of your site ASAP.

1. Having a Lackluster Website Design

When it comes to websites, users will immediately judge your business by your homepage.

It’s the first entryway into the rest of your website, so you need spruce it up first. Spending the time to change around your homepage will immensely improve the outdated website design that you currently have.

Start by changing a few features like the sidebar and the header. Your sidebar can include the most prominent information, such as a simple about us section and a brief description about what your business is selling or offering to your visitors.

Hiring a Web Design Team

One option to help you through your website refresh is to hire a web design team. The team is comprised of experts in web design who can propose a specific color scheme and outline a layout for you to import into your website HTML code.

Our team at Monster Websites are experienced and trusted professional branding experts who can help you establish a unified look for your business that can spread across all of your social media platforms.

Once our team devises a plan for your website redesign, you will be able to change it around until you love it. Customization is how you can stand out from the rest. Don’t be afraid to give them all of your input!

2. Posting Pixelated Images

Pictures say 1,000 words, so make sure every photo you post is a high-quality image!

When you download your images from an SD card, save them as a JPEG or a PNG for the highest quality possible. These format types make for crisper image quality that is not pixelated and hard to see.

People will only take around 50 milliseconds to view your website.

Photos play a huge role in encouraging people to stick around and surf through the remaining pages of your website. Keep them interested by providing them with a lot of great images to look at.

3. No Consistent Updates

When your website is not updated a few times a week, your audience will lose interest in what you are trying to sell to them.

Let’s make sure they stick around on your site by consistently updating it with the latest information regarding your law firm, hospital, or online retail store.

When you produce great content, then people will be drawn to reading more. A lot of businesses are creating separate “blog” categories for their sites to publish content on a regular basis. Having a blog in addition to your normal website layout can become your new way to reach out to your audience.

Add a Blog Section To Update Your Website Regularly

What do you want to post to the blog section of your website? It doesn’t always have to be related to the products or services that you sell at all. You can make content that your specific audience would enjoy learning more about.

For example, say you run an automotive website that specializes in oil changes and car parts. Your blog can update every week with information telling your visitors about new cars that are being tested and eventually sold on the market. This way they can add your website to their list of sites to check weekly because they know you will consistently update it!

4. Your Website Is Non-Mobile Friendly

It may be a no-brainer, but your website ought to be mobile friendly by now.

Did you know that more people look at the Internet through their cell phones than on desktop computers? They spend around 2.8 hours on cell phones per day, to be exact.

It’s a design factor you need to incorporate into your overall website look and feel. to be up to date with your competitors.

5. Your Social Accounts Are Nowhere on Your Website

Your website is a place for your customers to reach you if they have a question about your products. They also need to use your website as an access point to connect with you on your other social media platforms.

Take your website as an opportunity to share how your customers can find you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Shopify, and more. These platforms should be highlighted so your customer won’t have to search through your website for too long to find.

One tip would be to add separate social media icons onto your header or sidebar with the logos of each platform. Your customer can identify each platform logo and click through to find your other social accounts.

6. Your Customers Can’t Leave Feedback

It’s great that you set up your website to sell or inform your customers online.

However, you need to let them add feedback about your products or services for more people to understand what your business is all about.

You can provide your customers with the chance to leave comments on your blog posts to boost feedback numbers.

Feedback is something that people look at very closely nowadays. Did someone love your shampoo and rave about it online? That honesty is key for others to read and potentially purchase your product based on how well other people liked it. You probably read reviews on products before YOU purchase them, too.

7. An Outdated Website Design Means You Neglect Your Company

If you haven’t spent any time fixing up your website, think about what that tells your customers.

It says you are not dedicated to working on building your brand. Your image and reputation are displayed through the pages of your website, so make sure they shine. You don’t want someone to pull up your business website and show you how your outdated website is behind the times, do you?

Even if you have to hire a team to help you through the process of redesigning your website, it will be worth it in the end when you can proudly show off your once outdated website that has transformed into a top of the line site.

8. Your Website Has Cluttered Design

With all of the important information you need to include on your website, we understand how hard it is to refrain from displaying it all on your homepage.

In order to keep things simple, stick to a design that is not cluttered with too much data. Have just a few main images to show what your business sells to minimize the clutter. Direct your customers to view other pages on your website to click on them to find the specifics.

For example, direct your customers to a separate tab to find out more on pricing, your blog, about your business, and how they can contact you.

Build A New Website With Our Help

Forget the old world of having a boring and dull approach when it comes to your business website design.

Need some assistance in the redesign process?

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