Because search engines like Google are constantly making unannounced updates to their algorithms, it can be difficult for a growing business to keep up.

You may think your SEO strategy is consistent with best practices, but your web traffic may tell a different story. If you aren’t getting the page viewership your business needs to survive, your current SEO practices may not be up to date after all.

An SEO audit is a great way to get answers to all your SEO questions, and to get a full picture of your business’s SEO strategy.

Below, we’re detailing some of the ways an SEO audit service can help your company improve its SEO strategy and overall web presence.

1. An SEO Audit Service Looks at the Big Picture

A well-managed website should be cohesive across every page and every piece of content. No matter what page your customers land on or navigate to, they should always know exactly what site they’re reading.

When you’re a growing business with a small staff, however, keeping that big picture in mind is difficult. Even as you increase in size, everyone tends to focus on their own piece of the puzzle.

It’s important that you let your staff take ownership for making their content the best, but that doesn’t leave a lot of resources left over for making sure everything works together.

That’s where an SEO audit service can be useful. A service is responsible for evaluating the overall health of your site and making sure everything works together in a holistic way. That can include everything from written copy to internal linking to page navigation.

Using an SEO audit service will allow your staff to focus on what they do best, and you’ll feel confident that your site is in the best shape it can be in.

2. Develop Strong SEO Fundamentals

Despite search engine algorithm updates, there are some SEO fundamentals that never change.

For example, well-written quality content will always be important for SEO rankings, as well site structure and overall user experience.

An SEO audit service can help you determine what you’re doing right when it comes to these SEO fundamentals, and where there is room for improvement. If your content is thin, an SEO audit service can provide you with ideas on how to bulk it up in the right way. If your navigation bar is optimized for a great user experience, an SEO audit service will give you tips for reworking it.

Knowing your strengths and being able to improve upon your weaknesses will help you as your business continues to grow.

With strong fundamentals in place, you can expand your website and create new pages with confidence. You’ll do so in ways that will improve your SEO ranking and allow new potential customers to find your business.

3. Protection Against Penalties and Attacks

If your website has experienced a sudden decrease in traffic that no one can explain, it is the perfect time to call in an SEO audit service. The decrease your seeing could be due to an SEO penalty or an outside attack.

An audit service of SEO experts will be up-to-date on the current best practices, and will be able to advise if something on your site has resulted in a penalty. Through the audit process, you’ll gain a better understanding of site practices that raise red flags for search engines. Going forward, you and your staff will know how to avoid them.

An SEO audit service can also help identify if your site has fallen victim to an outside attack that has left you vulnerable to SEO violations. That can be one of the hardest challenges to bounce back from, but an SEO audit service will advise you on how to go forward.

You’ll be able to rebuild your SEO ranking, reach new customers, and increase your website traffic beyond its highest point.

4. Get an In-Depth Look at the Competition

Reaching personal benchmarks with your site is important, but it’s not an accurate indicator of overall success. In order to truly understand how healthy your site is, you need to know where it stands compared to industry competition.

By conducting a competition audit, an SEO audit service can provide you with this invaluable information.

You’ll be able to get a look at what SEO practices a competitor has implemented that you too want to adopt. For example, if their sitemap stands out, an SEO service will be able to tell you exactly why. And it can help you adopt some of the same strategies for your own.

On the other hand, if there’s something that you’re doing much better than your competitors, knowing that can also be really helpful. As you grow, you’ll know what to focus on and what will give you a competitive edge.

5. Make Sure Your Links Go Where You Think They Do

Both internal and external links are important for SEO, but they’ll only help boost your web ranking if they actually work. Of course, it’s very unlikely that someone on your staff has the time to go through every page on your site checking for broken links.

That’s where an SEO audit service comes in. A service will be able to dedicate the time to check broken links, even on your oldest web pages.

You never know when potential customers will come to your content, so you want your pages to be as evergreen as possible. An SEO audit service can help you achieve that goal by checking and updating links when necessary.

It’s all part of an overall user experience, which in turn contributes to your SEO ranking.

Ready to Start Improving Your Site’s SEO?

No matter where you are in the lifespan of your business or its website, a robust SEO strategy is always important. Businesses survive on the strength of their sites and their SEO rankings.

The resources we provide are designed to ensure that you are presenting your customers the best site possible. If you’re curious about your SEO score and how you can improve, please contact us today.