eCommerce has grown undeniably throughout the years, with an expected market of $2.8 trillion worldwide this year. There’s a growing demand for convenience among people. With this, companies find more ways to outperform their competitors through the features they offer.

Mobile eCommerce is becoming more in demand. Google reveals that mobile devices search products more than desktops. The former now has 60% of searches made in Google across 11 categories, including:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Health
  • Sports

Being mobile-friendly is one of the most important digital marketing techniques if you’re a small and local business. You need to consider investing in good mobile eCommerce tools. It’s important to use these tools to make a great mobile eCommerce platform and drive more customers to your business.

Here are some of the best eCommerce tools for a mobile platform:

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

This mobile eCommerce tool is a great choice when you want to integrate your customer experience and streamline commerce operations, from purchasing to post-sale service. Commer Cloud has several functional categories, organizing its capabilities according to:

  • Experience
  • Intelligence
  • Operations

Experience capabilities allow you to set the content, pricing, and products to make it engaging to your customers. Operations help extend your core functions across different channels and connect order fulfillment and back-office. Intelligence gives you business insights and customer personalization abilities.

SAP Hybris

This is one of the few eCommerce tools that transform your digital presence. It offers customer data management, context-driven marketing tools, and more. It makes your commerce processes unified across all channels.

SAP Hybris Commerce solution helps you target your customers better and engage them. It allows you to deliver a consistent experience across every channel at any time. This tool combines customer insight with an agile and scalable platform.

You can reach your customers all the way, boosting their loyalty by using real-time data to make appropriate responses. It helps deliver the best customer experience and boost sales.

IBM Mobile Commerce

Also known as the WebSphere Commerce Suite (WCS), this eCommerce tool includes sales, marketing, customer and order processing functionalities. It allows you to do business with consumers and other businesses.

The WCS helps your customers to browse your online catalog and receive personalized marketing and promotions. Your customers can do side-by-side product comparisons, get your store location, complete transactions, and see orders and product availability.


This tool helps convert your existing eCommerce store to a mobile commerce app. You can link MobiCart to your existing website or make it work on its own, depending on your business needs. You can combine it with other shopping cart software if you don’t want to change your existing eCommerce structure to use it.

MobiCart creates a streamlined checkout experience for your customers. It integrates with PayPal, Stripe, and other payment processing providers.


When it comes to eCommerce, Shopify is one of the most recognizable names. Implementing Shopify into your site is a design tip every small business can benefit from due to its ease of use and reliability.

It allows you to create a brand new online store or add a store to your website. It’s a great tool if you’re a brick and mortar retail store that needs a means to open up their eCommerce business.

It has mobile commerce support among other features. Shopify helps your online store seamless even in mobile, whether it’s managing inventory or fulfilling orders.


This is one of the many free, customizable open source eCommerce tools you can use to build your online presence. It gives you a full-feature mobile-friendly website once you install it. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for a cheap way to start your business’s online sales.

It’s a standalone solution with a neat design, shopping cart, and sample products you can customize for your business. It has a smooth user interface that allows one-page checkouts through Ajax enhancements.

X-Cart has a mobile admin that allows you to manage your business with the use of your mobile device. You can integrate this tool if you use Shopgate to make it easier for you to serve any type of mobile user.


Facebook has more than 1.59 billion users, making it one of the best marketing platforms for your business. Soldsie enables you to make sales on Facebook, playing a gimmick that makes your customers feel that your product has a limited quantity. This helps give your business a surge in sales while giving you automatic invoicing and inventory management features.

Selling products on Facebook takes on a new form with Soldsie. Your customers need to use the Facebook app through their mobile devices. They need to comment “Sold” on your product’s pictures to shop.


Square is a familiar payment service and known for its mobile payments system that revolutionized eCommerce. SquareUp is an eCommerce store builder that you can customize, making it easier for you to sell products through mobile devices.

Registering to SquareUp is free. The catch is that it takes 2.7% of the online sales you make. If you’re willing to do away with some of your profits for a great tool to build your business, the payoffs can make it negligible.


This is one of the few mobile eCommerce tools that allow you to run an online store using WordPress. It has mobile support to make it easier for users to buy items from your store using their smartphones. You can add other WordPress plugins to enhance its functionality.

WooCommerce has an iOS that helps you manage your store through your phone. It’s great if you want to manage your business on the go.

Get the Best eCommerce Tools Today!

Buying things online is much easier with the use of mobile devices. If you want your business to continue getting sales, using mobile eCommerce is the way to go. You’ll need good mobile eCommerce tools to help optimize your online store and drive more customers to buy your product or service.

If you don’t have enough technical expertise or would want to focus on managing your business, it’s better to let experts handle the job. That’s where we come in.

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