Content is the heart and soul of your business’s website. Content is what lends your business credibility and gives you the ability to optimize your site for search engines. For that reason, you might want to outsource content writing duties to a third party.

Writing content takes up a huge amount of time. You have to account for time spent researching and editing as well. Then there’s the SEO process to consider.

Plus, you should keep updating your content and posting new content. A consistent and reliable posting schedule makes your website look lively and well-maintained.

That’s all well and good if you have time to devote to writing content on a constant basis.

However, as a business manager, you likely need to use that time for more pressing matters.

If that’s the case, you should strongly consider hiring a content creation firm or freelancer.

Decide What Needs To Be Outsourced

Take a look at your current marketing strategy. What can you do easily and quickly yourself? What do you need someone else to do?

From there, examine your current staff. Do you have anyone who can address those needs? If so, can they fit those duties into their current work schedule?

You need to have a good idea of what you need and don’t need outsourced. From there, you can start looking at firms or freelancers for outsourcing.

Establish A Budget

Just because you won’t have a staff member cover the selected duties doesn’t mean you’ll get a deal from outsourcing.

Freelancers have their own needs to take care of. Since they work for themselves, they likely have to pay for their own insurance and equipment. To make up for those costs, they charge for labor and business expenses.

Likewise, firms have to make a profit and pay their employees.

As such, it’s important that you determine the budget that you’re willing to spend on outsourcing content writing.

When determining that budget, you should first and foremost look at what you can set aside. Doing so will tell you if you can go up in budget later if you can’t find an available freelancer or firm within budget.

After finding those two numbers, it’s time to find an outsource content writing firm or freelancer.

Find A Suitable Outsource Content Writing Firm or Freelancer

Web content creation experts specialize in certain areas of content creation.

Various areas any given expert could cover include research, writing, editing, optimization, auditing, and analysis.

Furthermore, some experts specialize in a particular subject matter. If your business deals with technology, law, or finance, you’ll definitely want a subject matter expert.

For that kind of expert, you can expect to pay more.

There are also advantages and disadvantages to working with a freelancer or a firm.

A freelancer you’ll be in direct contact with. However, no one can hold the freelancer accountable for poor work or poor behavior. Even if you sign a contract, you might have to cut your losses and fire a poor freelancer.

With a firm, you won’t have to worry about accountability. You’ll have a higher-up you can issue complaints to in the event the writer doesn’t perform well. Firms also typically offer more services than solo freelancers.

At the same time, you’ll likely be working with a client manager who acts as a middleman. You won’t be able to communicate with the writer directly.

Their Process

Regardless of which type of outsourced content writer you choose, you should take their process into account.

When you talk to your chosen freelancer or firm, be on the look-out for buzzwords.

A common buzzword within the content writing field is “content marketing.” It’s a technical name that applies to numerous different aspects of marketing. Everyone has their own idea of what “content marketing” is.

You don’t want someone who knows which buzzwords to throw in. You want someone who can help your business. The person or firm who can help you is the one who will tell you their plan.

During your talk, the right freelancer or firm will inform you how much content you need. They will also tell you what kind of content you need and who will work on it.

Additionally, they’ll assure you they’ll be open to communication. You can gauge the validity of this statement by e-mailing back and forth with the freelancer or firm.

How long it takes them to reply is a good indication of how long it will take them to get back to you while doing business.

Another thing to look out for is prior knowledge of your company. A thorough freelancer or firm will research you before your scheduled conversation. They’ll have answers prepared and a pitch ready.

Their Definition of “Success”

Before making a commitment, you and the firm or freelancer should be on the same page. You should both understand exactly what you want to achieve by hiring them.

For example, you may want ten pieces of optimized content. The firm or freelancer will then produce ten excellent pieces of content. However, if the SEO is lacking, you aren’t getting what you paid for.

You’ll regret your decision to outsource content writing.

On the flipside, maybe you want just ten pieces of great content with no optimization. A firm or freelancer who is used to going the “whole nine yards” will have trouble focusing on just creating content. They may try to persuade you to make decisions you don’t want to make.

Make Sure You Have A Great Editor On Hand

There is one major downside of choosing to outsource content writing. The freelancer or firm that you hire is not an employee of your business. Therefore, they will lack the intimate knowledge of your brand that an employee would have.

To combat any possible brand inconsistency, you need to ensure you have an editor who can double-check their work.

This editor should be well-versed in your company’s history, service history, and brand language.

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